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Naresh Electrical Industries (An ISO 9001-2008) organization is into manufacturing of electrical starters and switch gears from last 3 decades. We are into manufacturing of Main switch(HRC type), Main switch (Rewirable type), Switch fuse unit, On load Changeover, Offload Changeover, BusBar chamber, Star Delta Starter(single contact), Star delta starter(double contact), Super model Star delta starter, Direct online(DOL) Starter, Liquid Rotor Starter, Slipring Motor Rotor, OCB(Oil Circuit Breaker, ATS(Auto Transformer Starter), Axial Flow Fans, Crimping Tool, OSR(Oil Stator Rotor), Panel Board &Transformers. We are basically an organization that provides electrical transmission& safety goods that ensure....

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Manufacturer of Electrical Starters and Switchgears from last 3 Decades.

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